Start Saving with Skylights, Solar Panels and Energy Solutions today


Take the first step in reducing your reliance on the traditional power grid today, and start saving money by considering skylights, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and other energy-saving solutions for your Brisbane or South East Queensland premises. Let living in the Sunshine State be your power! For any enquiries, contact Solarite today.

Solar Panels & Energy Solutions for Brisbane

Invest in the Future

You can easily receive power for your home and hot water via solar energy. Don’t be put off by the initial costs – residents all around the world gain money-saving benefits within a short time after installation, eventually subsidising the initial expense.

But it’s not just a financial benefit – the environmental benefits are significant. Solar energy solutions, whether they are installed in residential or commercial premises, produce no emissions, keep the atmosphere clean and the air easy to breathe. It’s a matter of preserving a good life quality for future generations, so let Solarite Energy – the experts in solar panels and energy in Brisbane – help you with a smart and economical solution.

Clean Energy from the Sun

Household running costs for most Australians today are an ever-increasing concern that puts strain on the weekly or monthly budget. Heating water or powering a premises on common coal-powered energy is set to increase in expense indefinitely, as resources shrink and demand increases along with costs.

Don’t put your lifestyle and the environment last – install solar panels and solar energy solutions from Brisbane’s premier clean energy product provider, Solarite Energy.

Let the Light in with Velux

Solarite are proud to be a stockist of the world’s most established and reputable brands of skylights and roof windows: Velux. With origins in Denmark, and a 30+ year track record of quality results in Australia, Velux has become a sought-after choice for naturally lighting internal spaces.

A Sunburnt Country

As a householder or owner of a commercial property, you need to know that your energy source is going to be reliable and sufficient to fulfil all of your power-driven needs, 24 hours a day, all year-round. As a subsidising or complementary service to traditional energy generation, or as a standalone solution, solar power infrastructure can draw more than enough energy from the sun to fulfil a household’s needs, for lights, hot water and more.

In fact, the amount of annual solar radiation that Australia receives can generate approximately 10,000 times more energy than what is consumed by the nation within any given year. So why not harness it for yourself?

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