The Authority in Solar Energy in Brisbane and beyond

A History of Saving Queenslanders Money

When looking to reduce your costs with the use of renewable energy, you need to know that you’re dealing with a supplier who understands your exact needs for consistent and around the clock generation of electricity and hot water. And if harnessing the power of natural light is an option in your home, you need experts in building aspects and the use of correct products.

Since 2001, Solarite Energy Pty Ltd have provided effective natural light, ventilation and solar energy solutions to Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Under Director Phil Janson, this family-owned business has close relationships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers such as Rinnai, Velux and Regent, which as a consequence offers customers five and six star energy-rated products with comprehensive warranties.

The Right Product, Every Time

With hundreds of successful installations around the region, Solarite Energy can help advise you on the correct combination of renewable energy products that will make your commercial or domestic building as energy-efficient as possible, saving you money as well as the planet.

Solarite are also the go-to place for advice on developments in government rebates and renewable energy credits, so you can start putting energy back into the grid. If your building or renovation project involves the installation of solar energy solutions around Brisbane and beyond, Solarite can advise you on your eligibility.

Solarite Energy
Solarite Energy