The Reputable Brands in Efficient Energy

Trusted Brands, Trusted Service

When integrating energy efficiency ideas into the plans for a new home or for renovations, you need to know that your supplier can confidently recommended reputable products. And you also need the peace of mind that comes with after sales service and post-installation support, via comprehensive warranties and knowledgeable tradesmen.
At Solarite Energy, you’re guaranteed the supply of Australia’s most reputable brands for products that provide energy efficiency, heating and hot water.


Rinnai is a household name in Australia. Rinnai gas appliances have been providing comfort in the homes of thousands of Australians for over 40 years. Today, they are part of a global group of companies who create the most advanced and reliable gas heaters for over twenty countries as well as hot water systems, such as coupled hot water systems, split systems and more.


Since 1941, Velux have been the authoritative global name in the construction of quality roof windows. Velux (Ve for Ventilation and Lux for ‘light’ in Latin) have origins,

as well as a head office, in Denmark and create the highest-quality roof windows and skylights for homes in every continent, with manufacturing facilities in over ten countries, ensuring that you, as a Velux customer, have local support and advice for your chosen roof window product.


Brisbane-based skylight manufacturer, Regent, have been making premium skylights and their accompanying fittings for over 65 years. With this experience, they are a trusted destination for advice on what type of product suits which roof, as well as the desired outcome for naturally and efficiently illuminating homes. As an Australian-owned company, you can know that the right advice via Solarite Energy comes directly from a locally-based source.


Locally-manufactured and backed by a ten year warranty, Solarite Energy proudly install ultraGuard products. Made from either premium-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or exposure grade aluminium, ultraGuard’s patented mesh designs are fire resistant and tested by the CSIRO.