Roof Gutters with a Difference | Installation or Repair

Keep it Clear up Top

There is a part of the home that we forget about for months, sometimes years – the roof. But it is the part of the building that can take the biggest beating, from belting Aussie sun to hail, wind and driving rain. Your roof needs to be sealed and strong, and your gutters, to work properly, need regular maintenance.

Gutter Repairs & Gutter Guards

Keeping roof gutters clean and free of dead dry organic debris reduces the potential transference of fire to your home, and the proper direction of accumulated rainwater to an unimpeded drain stops the perimeter of your home becoming a mud pit.

Solarite Energy are specialists in maintaining the functions of your roof, from skylight and solar hot water installation, to the fitting of the highest quality guttering protection from ultraGuard.

As a proud stockist and installer of ultraGuard, Solarite bring you the highest quality gutter protection system with a difference. Traditional gutter protection products are made from lower-grade plastic, which is fine from an economical point of view, but it gives you no longevity – as it can be susceptible to breaking or crumpling, even when struck with light branches or sat upon by birds. So your gutter protector actually impedes the flow of water along the roof’s edge. And lower-grade plastic, after a relatively short time, goes brittle and deteriorates in the sun. Now, add the Queensland helping of sunlight, and you have a problem.

Keep Out the Crud with Metal

Locally-manufactured ultraGuard gutter guards are made from the sturdiest aluminium and stainless steel components which can be customised to fit any gutter.

Stainless steel is just that: it’s resistant to staining from retained water or harsh chemicals or oils from trees, and is rust-resistant, keeping the structural integrity intact for decades to come. The mesh or grille spacing in ultraGuard gutter guards is designed to allow perfect flow-through of water whilst keeping out leaves, twigs or the like.

ultraGuard Options

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) system – features.

  • Unique diamond-shaped mesh aperture for maximum water flow and debris blocking
  • UV-stabilised to suit Australian weather conditions
  • A tighter fit, ensuring no points of entry for flying embers, reducing a fire hazard greatly

Exposure Grade Aluminium system

  • Patented design
  • Made from commercial exposure grade aluminium
  • Fire rated with a zero (0) according to CSIRO tests
  • Touch powder coating for greater longevity
  • Conforms to AS3959 building code for fire resistance – for Australia-wide approval by councils
  • Integrates well with COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® roofs.
  • Unique diamond-shaped mesh aperture for maximum water flow and debris blocking