Solar Hot Water Installation for Brisbane and beyond

Get Solar Working for You

If you have made the decision to move over to solar energy for heating water, you need to make sure that you are sourcing the correct products that are up to Australian Standards and will perform for many years.
Solarite Energy’s installers and technicians are passionate about helping you save money through solar power. They are proud to exclusively install hot water systems and split systems from Rinnai, the world’s most reputable name in gas, electric and solar energy for the home or commercial premises.

To Split or not to Split?

There are different configurations available for solar hot water systems, depending on what sort of mix of electricity, gas and solar you want to use, to help drastically-reduce your energy bills. Roof size and the available area around the sides of the home are also factors, when deciding whether to use a gas or electric split system or a close-coupled system.
Solarite’s knowledgeable installers can check your premises beforehand and advise you on the best option.
Installers can also nominate the best roof position for your collector unit, based on the best available amount of sunlight.

Solarite Does it Right
Hot Water Installation

With installation carried out by Solarite Energy, you can rest assured that you’re getting your system put in by specialists in renewable energy products, so you get the most possible value out of your system, whether you go for a coupled system or split system, electric-boosted or gas-boosted.
Your continuous flow of hot water is only a phone call away. Let the experts a Solarite Energy help you take the first steps towards getting of the inefficient and environment-damaging coal-powered energy grid.