PV Solar Panel Repairs for Brisbane

Keep it Maintained. Keep on Saving

Queensland is a great place to live. It is, after all, the Sunshine State, and the abundance of sunshine gives homes plenty of light with which to generate power and hot water with energy from PV solar panels. But with tropical and sub-tropical conditions state-wide, it can mean that although usually short in duration, storms and other freak weather events can be intense.

Damage caused by fallen objects or high winds to a solar panel is not just inconvenient; it can temporarily send your home back to being completely dependent on the expensive coal-powered grid. You need to get it sorted out quickly.

Luckily, Brisbane has experts in solar energy products on hand, who can fix PV solar panels, from replacement of cells, to an upgrade of connections and other components. Solarite Energy’s technicians are also qualified installers with decades of experience with some of the most advanced renewable energy technologies.

Professionalism with Convenience

Based close to Brisbane’s CBD, Solarite Energy’s repair crew can be at your premises within a relatively short timeframe, fully-equipped to assess the damage or wear for an honest quote, or to fix it on the spot.

And being an authorised installer Rinnai systems, the world’s most reputable hot water brand, they are also always well-stocked with compatible spare parts for a quick turnaround time, allowing you to get back into saving money via free solar energy.

And you can confidently plan your day around your repairs. Solarite’s technicians turn up on time, and always offer an estimate for a job’s duration.

All components of a panel can be repaired or replaced with the highest-quality parts, including:

PV Solar Panel Repairs
  • Frames
  • Glass
  • Cells
  • EVA sheets
  • Back sheets
  • Encapsulant layers
  • Inverters
  • Junctions