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Roof Ventilation

If you have ever considered making your home more ‘green’, by installing energy-saving products like solar hot water systems, skylights and the like, you know that naturally controlling heat, light, hot water temperature and airflow inside your home can be a great way to save money, as well as the Earth.

Many people may not understand, however, that the roof cavity – even though you don’t actually live in it – can also be naturally temperature-controlled for the benefit of the occupied rooms. For optimum control of temperature and airflow in your roof, ask Solarite Energy about a whirlybird installation in your Brisbane home today.

Why Ventilate?

Your roof cavity often houses insulation batts, which are great for keeping temperatures moderate. But in extreme heat or cold, their effectiveness can dwindle – especially if exposed to trapped-in dampness or moisture caused by events such as frost condensing and seeping into the roof area. Wet batts simply do not work. Also, during extremely hot days, an unventilated roof can trap hot air (of up to 60°C during summer) that can seep through the ceiling into the house, and effectively make approximately 45% of cool air-conditioned air disappear – a big waste of energy and money.

Keeping fresh air constantly flowing through your roof will keep insulation dry and functioning at its fullest potential. And the best part? A whirlybird from Solarite Energy in Brisbane requires no power to work – even the slightest breeze will make it spin, drawing fresh air in whilst pushing hot air out.

An Integrated Comfort Solution
Roof Ventilation

Lessening your carbon footprint and saving money go hand in hand. When installing energy-saving products in your home, don’t be put off by the initial expense of installing solar hot water and solar PV panels. It is in the subsequent operation of these products where the savings are found. You’ll notice with solar energy, for example, your expenses for your traditionally-generated power will go down – sometimes with excess energy being fed back into the grid in exchange for a rebate.

Add to this, the final touch of a properly-ventilated roof with a whirlybird or other roof ventilation product from Solarite Energy in Brisbane, and you have the perfectly-integrated family of economical solutions that work together to give you and your family climate comfort and reliable utilities around the clock.