Roof Windows from Brisbane for Sunny Queensland

Natural Light, Steady Climate

Architectural design for building and renovation in the modern era is all about integrating the inside space with the outside space, for a feeling of openness and freshness. As an occupant or home owner, trying to reduce energy costs is a big priority, due to diminishing resources for traditionally-generated power and the subsequent increases in costs. You need to find a better way to illuminate your home with efficient climate control.

Roof Windows

At Solarite Energy, one of the most effective solutions on offer for opening up your home to natural light, while maintaining privacy, is a large range of roof windows from Velux, Australia’s most trusted name in roof-mounted glazing and skylights. From their Brisbane location, Solarite Energy has successfully used Velux products as a solution across South East Queensland, to the delight of many customers.

The types of Velux roof windows that Solarite Energy have installed into Brisbane homes, achieving a beautiful, natural light and steady internal temperatures, are:

  • Electric opening roof window – great for mounting in high ceilings and complete control, with remote operation and rain sensors.
  • Manual opening roof window – economical roof window with 80% heat blocking and insect screens as standard.
  • Fixed roof window – great for bringing free and natural light into hallways and rooms where wall-installed windows are not possible, with a permanent, design-integrated look.
  • Flat roof window – the most economical option, especially-designed with a low external profile for aesthetic appeal. High Performance double glazing comes fitted as standard, blocking approximately 75% of radiant heat and provides 99% protection from UV rays.
A NEAT™ Solution for Clean Light

Why choose laminated glass over tempered? The answer is strength and efficiency.

All Velux roof windows from Solarite Energy feature the innovative NEAT™ coating system on all glazing. To save you time on cleaning and maintenance, the silicon dioxide layer protects the home occupier from excess noise from heavy rain dropping on the glass, as well as the weight of elements such as snow and any lightweight debris.

But the biggest benefit is water repellence. Any rain or moisture that comes in contact with NEAT™-coated roof window glazing does not bead up or sit around for long periods of time, allowing for complete transparency at all times and reducing the occurrence of annoying spots and stains.

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