Skylights from Brisbane for Sunny Queensland

Natural Illumination

When designing a new building or renovating an existing one, owners look at many ways to incorporate energy-saving solutions, such as solar energy generation.


A lot if these solutions are of a retrofit nature, but contemporary architects often want to address these issues at design stage, to achieve a structure that incurs low costs for power and climate control. And environmental impact is also an essential element for building value into a home or commercial premises. Older building designs tend to be of a closed-off nature; you still need to use electricity during the day to properly light a space. But with quality skylights, your Brisbane home can harness what comes in abundance in Queensland – natural light from the sun.

Solarite’s Authority in Skylights

Solarite Energy have consulted with hundreds of clients around South East Queensland about the best skylight products for their purposes, and helped them right through to installation, with advice on best positioning and building aspect.

Experience Royal Quality with Regent

Of course, as a proud provider, Solarite Energy need to provide you the highest-quality products for your peace of mind.

And the brand they choose to sell is Regent, the nation’s market leader in all types of skylights for residential and commercial buildings.

Solarite supply the following types of skylights from their Brisbane location, with the added service of having a reputable network of qualified installers:

  • Universal metal deck – suits most popular form of metal deck roofing with rub heights up to 50mm. A complete installation package, with no additional flashing required. Rolled shoulder design preventing leaf and debris build up.
  • Corrolux tube light/sun tube – a great way of naturally-lighting a room whilst maintaining privacy in buildings that can be viewed from above. With a small rooftop footprint, it is also excellent for lighting compact spaces such as internally-positioned bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Dome – a robust economical choice that is easy to install, shaped to repel debris and dirt.
  • Colonial – an attractive and modern roof window -style skylight with a press-formed Zincalume® base as standard, and tinted and laminated safety glass.
  • Corrolux square – an economical solution to sit nicely on a corrugated roof with a press-formed Zincalume® base.