Solar Hot Water Systems from Brisbane

Efficient and Continuous Hot Water

In the home, office, commercial property or anywhere that hot water is needed, it is essential to keep the supply constant and at the highest safe temperature possible, for hygiene, health and the ability to keep your environments clean.

Solar Hot Water

But it can be a costly service to run, especially if your water is heated exclusively by traditionally-generated power – you’re completely tethered to the grid and subject to indefinitely-increasing prices of energy that is created this way.

There is a solution: hot water heated by solar energy. With hundreds of successful installations of solar hot water systems around Brisbane, Solarite Energy can help advise you on the best solution for your home’s or family’s demands.

Solarite and Rinnai: Perfect Partners in Solar Hot Water

Whether you are installing into an existing building, or constructing a new home, Solarite are proud to offer a large range solar hot water systems to customers of Brisbane and surrounds, with many options and configurations from Rinnai, the leading name in residential and commercial energy:

Solar Gas Boosters – while your solar hot water system does most of the work, gas boosters work great as a backstop that uses efficient and clean natural gas to keep flow constant on cloudy or rainy days or during the darker winter months.

Sunmaster Electric systems – vitreous enamel-lined steel cylinder mounted at ground level, paired with a roof-mounted collector. Modular in design, this system can be installed at different stages of a construction project, allowing greater flexibility for placement within the plan. Features and electric boost element to keep hot water supply constant on low solar gain days.

Sunmaster Gas systems – same features as Sunmaster electric, except continuous flow of hot water is assisted by a gas booster for low solar gain days.

Close-Coupled Gas systems – when ground area availability is at a premium, both the storage cylinder and the collector are mounted adjacent to each other on the roof of the building, usually on the blind side of the house. The continuous flow gas booster means that you get piping-hot water all day, every day.

Close-Coupled Electric systems – same features and functionality as close-coupled gas systems, except continuous flow is aided by an electric booster for low solar gain days.

Split Systems Gas – a range of systems with a ground-mounted cylinder linked to a roof-mounted collector, aided by gas-generated boosting for lower solar gain periods.

Split Systems Electric – a range of hot water systems featuring a ground-mounted cylinder linked to a roof-mounted collector. Continuous hot water flow is aided by and electric booster for darker, rainy or low light days.