Storm Damage Repair for Brisbane Roofs

After the Storm

Living in Brisbane or South East Queensland, we know that the ideal sub-tropical weather we love has its downside – freakishly wild storms.

Storm Damage Repair

Although usually short-lived, the storms experienced in Brisbane can be very destructive, especially when it comes to roof-mounted products such as skylights, sun tubes, roof windows and solar panels. Even when the roof itself is fine, the glass-structured nature of these installations can mean cracking or smashing due to falling branches or flying debris.

Solarite Energy are here to help.

With highly-trained technicians and tradespeople on standby, you can rest-assured that any repair carried out on your property is done swiftly, and with immediate access to spare parts when needed.

The Complete Service

Fully-licensed and compliant with OH&S procedures, Solarite Energy’s technicians are well-versed in a wide range of infrastructures and structures, with the ability to install, replace or repair:

Product and Parts from the Best

Solarite Energy do not cut corners on post-storm damage repairs. Time is taken to make sure that the job is done accurately and neatly, and Solarite are fussy about which products are used to carry out the job – it is their reputation on the line, so products from the world’s most reputable brands in their fields are used, from manufacturers such as: